1. Proof of US Citizenship: 1) Previous U.S. Passport; 2) Certified birth certificate issued by the county or state of your birth; 3) Consular Report of Birth Abroad if you were born abroad to U.S. parents working in a foreign country; or 4) a Naturalization certificate.
  2. Proof of Identity: 1) Previous US Passport; 2) Naturalization certificate; 3) Valid driver’s license; 4) City, State, Federal or Military ID.
  3. One Passport Size (2x2) Photo: must be in color, and have a clear background. Photo must not be more than six (6) months old. Photos of customers wearing glasses are not acceptable, except under special conditions.
  4. Proof of Departure: if you are traveling out of the U.S. within 14 days or less: 1) Travel itinerary; airline ticket showing departure date from the United States; or 2) a letter on your Company’s Letterhead, requesting to expedite passport.
  5. Letter of Authorization: This standardized US government formauthorizes us (TDP Passports) to handle your application(s) on your behalf. The form must be filled out, signed and dated by every applicant. The first two boxes in the middle of the form MUST be checked. Specific instructions for minors under the age of 16 are included in it. Note: TDP Passports ONLY handles expedited passport applications that go through U.S. government system and, therefore, each application packet requires a Letter of Authorization. We strongly recommend that you pay the $60.00 State Department Expediting Fee. This allows us to accelerate the process of obtaining your passport on time.


        1. DS-11— First time applicants use for a new passport book and/or passport card.
        2. DS-3053 Parental Consent Form: applies to applicants under 16 years of age. By law, a person under 16 is considered a minor and is not allowed to sign his or her own application form. Both parents appear before authorities to sign a minor’s application. However, if one of the parents cannot not be at the application signing, that parent is required to fill out the DS-3053; have it signed, and notarized.
        3. DS-82--Renewal an existing passport book or card
        4. DS-64--Report a lost or stolen passport. This form usually goes along with the DS-11. For instance, your passport is lost and you need a placement; you fill out the DS-64 to report the lost passport, and the DS-11 to apply for a new one.
        5. DS-4085--Add pages in an existing passport
        6. DS-5504--Correct printing errors in a passport. Say, you receive your new passport and realize your name misspelled, date of birth, or place of birth data errors.
  1. These are the most common U.S. government passport forms we deal with on a day-to-day basis. They can be filled out either electronically On-Line or the PDF format. However, the Passport Agency strongly recommends using the On-line application. This system leads you through a series of screens that ask to type in all your relevant information. During the process, the fields populate the information you typed in and a 2-D barcode is generated in the upper left hand corner of the first page. The use of this new 2-D barcode system enables the Passport Agency to electronically wand, rather than manually data-enter your information into the system. For the most part, the system is efficient as well as helpful in minimizing typographical errors that hand-written applications can cause.

Passport application (completely filled out)

One (2x2) passport photo
Proof of US Citizenship
Photo copy of a valid Driver's license
Sample Travel Itinerary
Authorization Letter

U.S. Passport Application Fees

TDP Passports Service Fees

If your concerns and questions are not addressed here, visit the U. S. State Department’s website @, or contact our office at 281-610-7957, or email: Thank you very much for choosing TDP Passports, and we proudly welcome your patronage.


  • A VISA is an official document required to travel to most foreign countries;  either to conduct business, study, or for vacationing. Visas are  obtained through foreign Embassies and Diplomatic Consulates operating  in the United States. There are more than fifty-five of these consulates located in Houston. Their visa fees vary from country to country,  ranging from $60.00 to $800. Below is a partial list of Consulates and  Embassies we frequently visit. If you do not find information about the  country you plan to travel, click on our Links & Resources page.

U.S Department of State Passport Dept.

Consulate General of Brazil/Houston

Consulate General of China/Houston

Consulate General of India/Houston

Consulate General of Russia/Houston

Vietnam Consulate in Houston



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